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George leone polaoid 2Leone Animal Supply was founded in the early 1960’s by George Leone Sr. and his wife Lucy.

The coAll pet foods 1ncept for the retail business was to provide hard-to-find pet products primarily for dog and cat owners. The family business specialized in the supply of products for sporting breeds, cat and dog show items and premium pet foods. George Sr. and Lucy grew their client base by providing their customers with practical pet care advice and a wide range of products. Over the years, the couple remained committed to providing pet owners the items they needed to care for their pets. To meet the needs of their expanding client base they added product lines to include fish, small animals and a large offering of other animal supplies. In 1975, the Leone Animal Supply headquarters was established in Murrysville, PA where it remains today along business route 22. During 1985, George Leone Jr. joined his parents in the family business and opened a North Hills location in Wexford, PA. Again in 1997 the retail business expanded by adding a location in McMurray, PA, which is successfully managed by Georgina Coleman, sister of George Leone Jr. Currently, George Leone Jr., company president along with his sister Georgina Coleman,  carry on the Leone Family tradition of providing high quality animal supply products and specialized pet foods.

There are three things the Leone’s hear from their customers and friends day in and day out:Toys 2Canned Foods 2

  • Your stores are so clean, neat, and well merchandised
  • You have products that can’t be found everywhere
  • You have the best employees

Frozen Foods 2Meeting and maintaining a high level of product and customer satisfaction is the continued goal of Leone Animal Supply in the three Pittsburgh locations, Murrysville, Wexford and McMurray. Pet supply stores selling the finest in pet care products in an atmosphere that is clean and neat making the shopping experience pleasurable. In addition, we have employees willing to spend time with customers to help them with their pet care needs.

4352 William Penn Hwy  |  Murrysville, PA
Donaldson’s Crossroads

3917 Washington Rd  |  McMurray, PA

Wexford Plaza

10596 Perry Hwy  |  Wexford, PA